What is the difference between Solahart PowerStore® and a heat pump water heater?

Solahart Heat Pump alongside a Solahart Powerstore

Home With hot water estimated to make up around 25% of a household’s energy consumption in Australia¹, a water heater option like Solahart PowerStore® or Solahart Atmos® Frost Heat Pump is a smart choice to help reduce the amount of purchased grid energy you use to heat water. The difference between the two systems is […]

Can I have solar hot water without the tank on my roof?

House in suburbia with a solar hot water system mounted on the roof

Home > A Solar hot water system is a smart way to reduce the energy used to heat your household water. It stores energy from the sun for later use like a home battery, but in the form of hot water, helping you minimise your reliance on the grid. Solar hot water is more affordable […]

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